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A Longer Life Through Anime Boobs?

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A longer life through Anime Boobs?

Let’s Live Longer by Looking at Anime Boobs!

Happy Golden Week, everyone! Golden Week is a collection of Japanese holidays including Constitution Memorial Day, Children’s Day and the old Showa Emperor’s birthday that take place around the end of April and beginning of May. Several J-List staffers are out of the office, spending time with their families, but we’ve got a new post for you!

I love the world we live in because it seems anything is possible. Many top creators, like manga artist group CLAMP, Fate/stay night writer Nasu and Nitroplus President Kosaka Takaki, all got their start as lowly fan-creators at the Comiket, making doujin comics and other works before becoming famous in the industry and proving that anything can be achieved. I basically have every tech gadget I could have imagined while growing up (my iPhone is the Star Trek communicator I yearned for as a boy, for example), and every day medical science makes some new breakthrough that enriches our lives. For example, new research that suggests we can improve our health and live longer by looking at boobs.

According to an article, our overall health and wellbeing is influenced by our mindset, and we can manipulate this in many ways, including contemplating things we feel positively towards, such as cute, fluffy animals and…female boobs. It’s something that I’ve always suspected but never known for sure until now, but when we contemplate anime boobs — which I’ve been known to post to our Twitter account from time to time — the pupils dilate, the body relaxes, blood pressure drops, and we feel better inside. Will looking at anime boobs really help us live longer, happier lives? I’ll continue to pay close attention and let you know!

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