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A New Sister Anime…and Thighs

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All You Need is a Sister

A New Sister Anime, and Enjoyment of Thighs!

In keeping with article 17 of the Japanese Constitution, which requires that every anime season feature at least one series with imouto in the title, we have a fun new sister anime offering called Imouto Sae Ireba Ii, or A Sister’s All You Need. It’s the story of Itsuki, a 20-year-old who’s a famous writer of light novels about imouto characters — because this is 2017 — and the various (mostly cute female) characters who interact with him. My impression from the opening scene — in which Itsuki fantasizes about the ultimate supernatural younger sister, which was frankly bizarre and over the top — was that that that producers might have misjudged the ecchi level the target audience wanted in the same way the Recently My Sister is Strange sister anime did, possibly resulting in a similar train wreck. Happily, there’s a lot more to this series than the opening scene, and the characters (and plot) get interesting pretty quickly. Since All You Need is a Sister is written by Haganai creator Yomi Hirasaka and features characters created by the legendary Kantoku, I’ll certainly keep supporting the show!

One of the great things about the world we live in in is how accessible travel around the world can be. J-List’s Sailor Moon buyer, who works hard setting up the J-List Box monthly boxes, often takes trips to New Zealand, flying 5500 miles / 8800 km as if she were just taking the train to Kyushu. So if you ever want to plan a trip to Japan, it’s certainly possible, and you’ll find a lot of kindhearted Japanese welcoming you when you arrive. If you do visit, here are some ideas for sightseeing:

  • Visit the only KFC bar in the world, in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo.
  • Research your favorite “holy land” (locations used in anime) and make a pilgrimmage. I’ve got a plan to go to Osaka and visit the Haruhi holy land locations with some friends in a few months.
  • Visit Shibuya and take your photo with Hachiko, the most famous dog in Asia, who owes its existence to Hellen Keller, of all people.
  • Explore narrow alleyways and bars in Shunjuku, or take a cruise in a Yakatabune, a floating restaurant/bar which date back to the Edo Period.

Or if you’re a man or woman of culture, you could visit the newest attraction, the World of Thighs cafe, where you can eat while looking at photos of cute Japanese girls’ thighs, which is run by the Futomomo Shashin-kan, a female thigh appreciation society whose photobooks we happen to have in stock. We’ll see you at the cafe!

New oppai mousepad

Sometimes there’s nothing like a little oppai, so soft and warm and squeezable. J-List has a great relationship by Softgarage, the company that makes the most excellent oppai (and oshiri) mousepads the world has ever seen. We’ve added a new item to the site, the most realistic oppai mousepad yet. Preorder it now!

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