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A School Romance Anime, and that Time I Touched Iowa’s Butt

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Seiren anime and Iowa Kantai Collection

Rushing this update a bit, as the J-List team is headed out early to have our annual New Year Party, to mark the start of the new year for our company while we eat and drink. While it’s a bit more common for companies to hold Year-End Parties in December, we’re always so busy filling orders (thank you!) that we hold our official company party in January instead.

I’m back in (cold) Japan, after my brief trip to California. While I was there, I had a pleasant day with my daughter, doing some sightseeing around Los Angeles. One place I’ve always wanted to see was the Battleship Iowa, which is an awesome museum ship that everyone can visit. Since my kids are of both the U.S. and Japan, I’ve always made a point of bringing them to the special places that defined their two nations’ history, visiting the USS Intrepid in New York and Midway in my home city of San Diego, as well as Hiroshima, Arlington National Cemetery and Pearl Harbor. It was great visiting such a famous warship, and I even got a picture of me, er, touching her butt, just so I could scratch that off the list.

One anime in the current season I’ve had my eye on a while is Seiren (“Pure Love”), which follows the current industry trend of “spinoff every popular anime from the past, ever.” I’m super happy because this time the show getting spun-off is Amagami, one of the best school romance series ever made. Nine years have passed, and there’s a new main character at Teruhi Higashi High School named Shouichi, with six new heroines in orbit around him. Three of the girls get Amagami-style 4-episode story arcs, and so far the writing and characters are great. I like the show because of the proper arc system, which lets each heroine get a proper story resolution, and also because it’s an original work, which should leave the possibility of surprise endings because there isn’t any source material to follow. You should totally watch Seiren!

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