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A Trip to Hot Spring Heaven, and Japan’s Latest Crisis: Too many Virgins?

Written by HotAnime

The Internet has been buzzing over an article that discussed the many challenges Japan faces in the future, including having the world’s oldest population, a fertility rate of just 1.4 babies per female, and a huge number of men and women who aren’t in relationships, and who seem to have no interest in starting anytime soon. According to a new study, 70% of unmarried men and 60% of unmarried women aged 18-34 are not dating at all, and tragically, almost half of both groups admit to having never been intimate…ever. Why should this be? It’s a combination of unique Japanese social features, including pressure on young people to spend a year doing nothing but studying for their university exams, and various recent trends that increase anxiety and cynicism about the opposite sex, or otherwise cause the value equations for dating and love to be re-evaluated. It’s funny (funny-sad, not funny-funny) that Japan has a reputation as the most perverted country in the world, when in fact there are perhaps more lonely people here than anywhere. Maybe some of those lonely people could somehow find each other, and be lonely together?

One of the best things about Japan are its onsen, volcanic hot springs, and over the weekend I went with a friend to a hot springs inn located on Mt. Akagi where we could drink and catch up on each other’s lives. The hotel was remarkably like Kissuiso from the Hanasaku Iroha, with sprawling hallways, beautiful Japanese-style tatami rooms, a lot of amazing autumn-themed food I couldn’t identify, and an okami, the headwoman of the inn whose job is to smother guests with hospitality. When visiting Japanese baths, Westerners might feel anxiety at the idea of getting naked in front of people they don’t know, but of course no one ever takes the slightest interest or stares, and everyone has a small towel to cover themselves with. If you want to visit a hot springs inn but can’t get to Japan just yet, we’ve got a great game for you during our visual novel sale.

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