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A World Where Anything is Possible, Including Monster Girls

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A World Where Anything is Possible, Including Monster Girls

Anything is possible in anime, including monster girls!

I love the 2D world of anime and games because anything is possible. Literally any character, setting, situation, technology or story element that can be imagined can be realized through the medium of anime and games, without limitation. Some examples of creative anime we’ve seen in recent years:

  • A show about moe girls who live inside canned juice (melon soda, grape drink etc.), who come out and become real. (Akikan.)
  • Or how about one about a boy whose right hand becomes his girlfriend? I mean literally, his hand becomes a tiny girl for some reason. (Midori Days.)
  • A series about people who live underground and don’t know that such a thing as the sky exists somehow developing a pan-galactic culture with giant robots so huge, they use solar systems as throwing stars just ten years later. (Gurren Lagann)
  • An anime about young Jesus and Buddha hanging out in an apartment in Tokyo, learning about Japanese culture. (Saint Young Men)
  • Vegetables who die nobly so they can become delicious curry. (Magical Witch Punie-chan.)
  • A classic space opera in which the Earth is caught up in a galactic war and destroyed. A sweet kiss is shared while burning cities form a heart around two lovers. (Macross.)

You can also explore fetishes through the miracle of 2D culture, since anything that can be imagined can be made real. Like “monster girls,” females with mythical or supernatural features that might be horrifying in real life, but which are kind of fun in anime and games. And we’ve got good news: the game that started the modern monster girl boom is up for preorder! The game is Princess X: My Fiancee is a Monster Girl?! and it’s an awesome title from Cyc/Poison Berry in which you find yourself engaged to several monster girls and must choose one for a bride. The game will ship very soon, and you can preorder it now to lock in the preorder bonuses we’ve prepared for you.

One thing I like about the Japanese people is how hardworking they tend to be, always dedicated and full of energy. Since language always reflects the kokoro of a culture, there are some interesting words like 頑張ります gambarimasu (“I will do my best even though the room is on fire around me”) or the poetic phrase 一生懸命 issho-kenmei (“to do something with all one’s might, to try as hard as you’ve ever tried”). Another word that describes how the Japanese feel about hard work and dedication is 徹夜 tetsuya, to work hard on something (a project at work, studying for a test) through the night, all the way to morning. This is something commonly seen in the New Game anime, where the characters frequently stay overnight at work to finish important work, to show how hardworking they are. Have you ever worked all through the night at your job?

princess x my fiancee is a monster girl?!

Man, the good news for fans of English eroge and visual novels keeps coming. We announced the best and most famous Monster Musume hentai game ever last year, and now Princess X: My Fiancee is a Monster Girl?! is going to finally ship on October 31st! You can preorder the game now, and lock in the awesome preorder bonuses (a set of character pins and the game soundtrack), which will only be available to fans who preorder. The game is great, with every kind of cute monster girl (snake, centaur, spider, even a giantess!) for you to have fun with. The game is 100% uncensored.

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