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All About “Ero” Voice Actors, and a Beach in the Center of Japan

Written by HotAnime

I’m a big fan of Japan’s professional seiyu, the voice actors that make anime and games so much fun. Of course, seiyu do more than just voices for anime, and I love it whenever I notice that the dubbed voice in some American crime drama my wife is watching is voice actor I recognize. Once my son and I were watching a documentary about seals on Prince Edward Island in Canada, and we realized the narrator was the voice of Amuro from Mobile Suit Gundam, so we spent the rest of the show making Gundam quotes. Though many top ranked seiyu never work on “naughty” visual novels like we publish, it’s not uncommon for some to do ero under a different stage name. Sometimes we’re not allowed to tell our customers when famous VAs are in our game. *cough* Norio Wakamoto is in Family Project *cough*. What a shame I can’t tell you about that.

J-List is located in Gunma Prefecture, in the exact center of Japan’s main island of Honshu. This means we’re as far from the sea as you can get, which was nice during the earthquakes and tsunamis of 3.11.11, but not so good when you want really fresh sushi. Although we’re far from the ocean, I was nevertheless able to go to the beach without leaving the immediate area over the weekend, thanks to an outdoor pool called Caribbean Beach, which recreates (sort of) a pleasant beach experience for residents of our landlocked prefecture. You may have seen this pool yourself, since it was used in an episode of I Have Few Friends: Gunma is often used as locations for anime because we’re close enough that staff can do “location hunting” without going too far from Tokyo. Japan is very technologically advanced, and all electricity for the pool is generated at a trash burning facility located next door, which creates energy from trash then captures 99% of the bad gasses that are released.

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