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Anime Blogging Errors I Have Made

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Kuzu no Honkai and AnoHana

Last October J-List celebrated its 20th year in business, during which we’ve had the honor of selling lots of bento boxes, English visual novels and “Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend” T-shirts to customers around the world. People who follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram know that I sometimes make mistakes when I post, either because I lack some knowledge or try to work too quickly. My errors have ranged from posting unrelated pictures in my tweets to getting the names of Cinderella Girls wrong, which never fails to trigger Idolmaster fans across the Internet. An error I made the other day has to take the cake, however: I tweeted a gif from AnoNatsu (Waiting in the Summer), a superb series that continues the story of Please Teacher/Please Twins, but because I type too fast, I labeled it as AnoHana (The Flower We Saw That Day). Normally this would result in a few dozen people correcting me (which happened), except for one follower, who went out and watched “AnoHana” expecting a story about busty aliens wearing glasses. AnoHana, of course, is a wonderful show about the ghost of a girl who died coming back to spend time with her friends, but it’s an extremely feels-laden rollercoaster ride with lots of sad moments. I hope I didn’t traumatize the poor guy too badly with my error.

The winter 2017 anime season continues, and I’m still doing my best to keep up with the unusually large number of quality shows. One series I’m enjoying is Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish), yet another dramatic romance about high school kids whose lives are a lot more interesting than mine was at that age. A girl named Hanabi has been in love with her childhood friend and neighbor Narumi for years, is happy when he becomes her homeroom teacher. Unfortunately he’s in love with another teacher named Akane, who is also the true love of Hanabi’s male classmate Mugi. Since Hanabi and Mugi can’t be with the people they love, they decide to date each other in a cynical exchange of physical contact and emotional support. Things get more interesting when Hanabi’s female friend Sanae confesses her love for her, which sets up some interesting criss-crossing love triangles that have my yuri senses tingling. I hope you watch Scum’s Wish with me!

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