Anime Studio ‘Production IMS’ in the Process of Filing For Bankruptcy

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A report released by the Tokyo Shoko Research (a credit research company) on Monday confirms that the anime studio Production IMS has now begun consolidating their debt as of June 7. According to an unnamed source, the studio’s staff will be going into legal proceedings and the company might be filing for bankruptcy.

Inari Kon Kon

As of this time, Production IMS has not released an official statement regarding this issue. However, there was an announcement on their official website last November saying that they have begun company restructuring and downsizing in December. They are also moving their office operations from Hikarigaoka to Nakamurabashi (both located in Tokyo).

A few days ago, a Twitter post from saikickmouseao (a Production IMS staffer) shows a letter from the company in confirming the sad fate of the studio.

Bankruptcy Letter From Production IMS

First established in 2013, one of the known anime series that the company has done is Active Raid, Inari Kon Kon, Date-A-Live II, and Haifuri. The studio received a Studio Award for 2015-2016 in the Newtype Anime Awards.

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