Announcing the J-List Onahole Funeral Service

Written by HotAnime

When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to your Onaholes, use the J-List Onahole Funeral Service

Jlist Funeral Service 1

They were there for you when you needed them. When it’s time to say goodbye, make sure your beloved onaholes are laid to rest with peace and dignity they deserve, with the J-List Onahole Funeral Service. We will ship your beloved waifu to our facility in San Diego and see that she is disposed of with the utmost love and care, for all eternity.

We’ll be offering many unique options for your beloved onaholes, including both burial and cremation options, various choices of coffins or urns, and everything else needed to make sure your beloved waifu rests peacefully for eternity.

Launching summer 2018, details coming soon! While you wait, browse this week’s newest onahole offerings!

The J-List Onahole Funeral Service is operated by J-List Co. Ltd, void where prohibited.

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