Artist Oyari Ashito’s New Project: Machine Child

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Artist Oyari Ashito's new project Machine Child characters Florina, Cordilia and Mokuren

Famed illustrator Oyari Ashito, creator of JAST USA’s popular Littlewitch Romanesque raising and fantasy game as well as the tactical game Eiyu Senki: The World Conquest, is working on a new project named Machine Child.

As the game’s name suggests, three girls, Florina, Cordilia and Mokuren, are “born from a mysterious machine” and you must you help raise them. In he spirit of other games of the genre like like Gainax’s Princess Maker, your goal is to raise them into proper ladies by teaching them skills they’ll need in life. There are currently currently 22 planned endings based on your choices, bringing new stories to explore with each play through.

The project is being funded via the ENTY funding system, which is like Japan’s version of Patreon. The game has plans for multi-language support, so supporters from outside Japan are also invited to participate, contributing 500, 1000, 10,000, or 50,000 yen per month and getting access to early information on the game (in Japanese), including a developers’ blog, digital data for supporters, a beta testing opportunities, and more. It’s a great way to directly support their newest project, all funds go directly to Oyari-sensei and his hardworking staff!

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