Co-Writer of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Reveals a Live-Action ‘Ga-Rei’ TV Series Is in the Works

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Ga Rei Zero

Craig Kyle, the co-writer of latest movie Thor: Ragnarok shared during a keynote appearance at the Japan Content Showcase last Tuesday in Tokyo that he is working on a live-action Ga-Rei TV series based on the manga series of the same name created by Hajime Segawa.

Ga Rei Zero Manga

It was also revealed that he is already working on the character information as well as the pilot episode’s script.

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The series will tell the story of two ordinary young girls who are “destined to define the fate of the dead and the living” based on the report by The Hollywood Reporter. However, the description of the ongoing project is almost similar to the story of the 2008 prequel anime series Ga-Rei: Zero than the original manga series.

Ga Rei Zero Anime

Kyle admitted that he was so interested on the manga’s wonderful characters and is confident that, if handled properly, this project is guaranteed a success. “Everyone who wants the next Game of Thrones, I will make the bold statement that Ga-Rei has that potential.” he said.

The Thor producer also admits that Japan media is a “treasure trove” of interesting stories and characters that to him have “far exceed what we have done in the States”. He encourages all Japanese content owners (whether its manga, anime, or a novel) to make sure that possible Western adaptations of their works are done in high standards. In connection to this discussion, he said that the Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal in the live-action Ghost in the Shell “was wonderful in some roles but was never meant to be the lead in that story”.

Although it is unsure on what to expect for this project, it doesn’t hide the fact that Western adaptations of our favorite anime and manga series will always be a hit and miss.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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