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Comic Girls Review: Do You Like Shy Anime Girls?

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Comic Girls Write Up

An Anime For Fans of Shy Anime Characters? Our Comic Girls Review!

One thing that’s nice about anime is the way we can often relate to the main characters because they have similar personality traits to us. These might include lacking confidence or experiencing anxiety, being sad when things don’t go our way, having bad eyesight/being clumsy, having an irrational fear of visiting the dentist, saying uguu~ when we get in a pinch, and of course, shyness. Shy anime characters are often easy to connect with for many fans, which makes them charming in our eyes.

One show that features a shy anime character is Comic Girls, a new CGDCT (“cute girls doing cute things”) slice-of-life about a shy young manga artist named Kaos (her pen name) who goes to live in a company-run dormitory where artists can live and work together. There she meets the bright and cheerful Koyome, the cool and confident Tsubasa plus Ruki, who’s the butt of jokes in the story because she draws pervy manga. Together the girls go on a journey, learning to create better manga and doing cute things together. So far, it’s kind of like Is The Order a Rabbit? meets New Game! but for manga creators. The budget is high, the animation beautiful, and the oppai jokes entertaining.

As usual, we’re so close to the beginning of the season that it’s hard to know which shows will really shine, like Slow Start, Citrus, Darling in the Franxx and Yuru Camp△ did (at least for me). If you like the idea of cute girls drawing manga together, give the show a try. Hope you enjoyed this short Comic Girls review!

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