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Cute Girls Doing Cute Things: the Slow Start Anime

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Cute Girls Doing Cute Things

Cute Girls Doing Cute Things

One popular category of anime is CGDCT, aka “cute girls doing cute things,” a combination of slice-of-life with a focus on moe characters in adorable situations. There are many examples of the genre, including Hinako Note (cute girl comes to the city), Is the Order a Rabbit? (cute girls run a cafe), Kiniro Mosaic (cute British girls), Upotte!! (cute girls who are military-grade assault rifles), Yuru Camp (cute girls camping), and Yuru Yuri (cute lesbians). And now we have a new addition to this family, Slow Start, a show about a girl named Hana who starts high school after taking a year off school due to sickness. Since she’s older than the other girls, she’s worried about whether she’ll be able to make friends, and much cuteness ensues.

In the anime, there’s a girl with antenna ribbons called Kamuri. If you watched the show and think, “That name sounds like a Toyota Camry,” well pin-pon! The car’s name comes from the Japanese word kanmuri meaning “crown.” Toyota has an odd obsession with being the #1 car maker in the world, and often makes cars built around this theme, like the Toyota Crown, sold as the Lexus ES/GS abroad, the old Toyota Corona (crown in Spanish), and the Toyota Scepter.

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