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Deep Anime Thoughts: Humans are Just Brains Piloting Organic Mechas

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Deep Anime Thoughts Humans Are Just Brains Piloting Organic Mechas

Humans are Just Brains Piloting Organic Mechas, and Other Deep Anime Thoughts

We’re rushing today’s update because today is the day of our New Year’s Party. In Japan, companies, clubs and other organizations generally have official parties once a new year has started to officially mark the occasion. Tonight we’ll eat, drink and re-dedicate ourselves to raising the net happiness of the world through anime and fun products from Japan!

Every once in a while you come across a bit of wisdom in anime, either in actual anime or in meme form, like the time I came across an image stating that “Humans are just brains piloting organic mechas.” Let’s explore some other deep anime thoughts.

  • “I’ve learned that trying to please everyone is impossible. But pissing off everyone is easy and fun as hell.” A big turning point for me personally was when I stopped trying to be liked by everyone. I even piss people off sometimes.
  • “Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in the me that believes in you.” Wise words from Kamina-san of Gurren Lagann.
  • “Boobs aren’t fat. They’re filled with men’s hopes and dreams.” Think about it: men start out as babies, grow into libidinous teenagers, then get married and have children, all of which are made possible by boobs.
  • “The circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant, but it’s what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are” Some eternal wisdom from Mewtwo.
  • Not anime, but I’ve always liked this observation by Scott Adams: “Some famous philosophers, scientists, and at least one cartoonist would speculate that inaccurate world views are the only kind that exist.” No matter what worldview you currently hold, it’s inaccurate, and you should try to find a more useful one as you go through your life.

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One anime I’ve been looking forward to is Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san, aka Skilled Teaser Takagi-san. It’s about an average middle-school boy named Nishikata who sits next to his neighbor, the cute Takagi-san. All Nishikata wants to do is trick or embarrass Takagi-san and make her blush, but unfortunately for him she’s a much better tease than he is, and is always three steps ahead of him. It’s extra cute because it’s revealed that Takagi-san likes Nishikata, and is trolling him because of her feelings for him. While there might be anime shows with a more highly developed action-filled plots and soaring emotional high points, this show is fun because it’s so simple, with amusing situational set-ups that are somehow calming to watch. Hope you’ll check it out!

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