Dragon Ball Super and One Piece TV Specials Announced – Goku’s New Form Revealed

Written by HotAnime

The official website of the Dragon Ball Super anime has unveiled a brand new visual featuring Goku’s new form. Goku’s new form is scheduled to appear on October 8th.

Dragon Ball Super Goku's New Form Visual.

Here’s the previous visual for the current arc in the series, the Universe Survival Saga. The Universe Survival Saga (Uchu Sabaibaru Hen) is the fifth major saga of the Dragon Ball Super anime and the fourth major saga of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Dragon Ball Super TV Anime Tournament Of Power Key Visual

In related news, Toei Animation have announced that there will be a crossover promotion between Dragon Ball Super and One Piece. A joint commercial was streamed as each series will be reaching their climax battles this October, with One Piece having its special episode on October 1st, between Luffy and Sanji, and Dragon Ball Super having its special on October 8th, with the fight between Goku and Jiren.

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