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Eromanga Sensei Delivers Ero Manga, Feels

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Eromanga Sensei and Saekano 2

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One show that’s been highly anticipated for a while has been the “imouto romantic comedy” Eromanga Sensei. It’s the story of Masamune, a Japanese youth who gets a stepsister named Sagiri who becomes a hikikomiri, never leaving her house after a terrible accident. Masamune writes light novels which are illustrated by a mysterious genius illustrator named Eromanga Sensei, who he’s never met. One day he discovers that the illustrator of his novels is none other than his NEET sister, and she learns that the light novel writer she’s been working online with for three years has been her stepbrother. One recent trend in anime I like a lot is the way creators of popular works receive strong studio support for their next works, which has happened with this show (it’s made by the writer of Oreimo), as well as the writer of Himouto! Umaru-chan, who got studio backing for his Gabriel DropOut as well as a new season Umaru! I’m always in favor of showering popular anime creators with money to make great new works for us.

Another show I’m following is season 2 of Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, the story of a mild-mannered otaku named Tomoya who has a dream of making a “gal game” with the most excellent main heroine ever. At his side are the genius writer Utaha-senpai and blonde twintail tsundere illustrator Eriri Spencer Sawamura, plus the “boring girlfriend” herself, Megumi Kato. One question I ponder is, why do so many fans like this show, which at times can seem like a pretty standard (though well-written) harem anime? I think part of it is that the show knows it’s a harem anime and makes fun of itself in a deconstructive way, with characters fulfilling the standard tropes while making fun of each other for doing so. Also, the characters are all excellent, and it’s fun to have “waifu wars” with other fans to determine who is the “best grill.” So, which girl is your favorite?

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