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Ever Wonder Why Japanese People Love Cats So Much?

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Why do Japanese people love cats so much

Why Do Japanese People Love Cats So Much?

While language, culture and history might separate us all, one thing most of us have in common is love of cats. It’s true in Japan, too, where Japanese people love cats, and buy thousands of photobooks, plush toys and much more in stores every day. Cats regularly become “neko idols” who are famous all over Japan — just look at the cat-related 2018 calendars J-List has in stock, including this year’s I Am Maru offering — and if you ever feel depressed, you can visit one of Japan’s many cat cafes and spend some quality time with feline friends, as in a recent episode of Koi to Uso. The Japanese even have a word to describe the benefit cats bring to the economy: nekonomics. Incidentally, our family loves both dogs and cats. We have two dogs (a beagle named Marron and a Pekingese mix named Kururin), plus one awesome old cat named Komin, all rescue pets.

One question that’s fun to ask is, what aspects of Japan do foreigners fall in love with when they visit here. I bounced the question to J-List’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends what they liked about Japan.

10. The low cost. It’s easy to buy lunch for much less than what it would cost in Australia.

Yes, despite it’s historical reputation as an expensive country (Dave Barry made jokes about having to sell one of his retinas in order to afford lunch), Japan can be downright affordable, even in cities like Tokyo. A lot of that is a function of the current yen rate and where you happen to be coming from.

9. The ability to walk around and feel safe.

Japan isn’t perfect — in one month I had a bag stolen off a train in Tokyo, then two weeks later my wife lost her purse in San Diego with $800 cash in it, yet it was returned with the money inside. But in general, Japan is a very safe and honest place.

8. The canned coffee.

Yes, it’s good stuff. And since a bunch of customers asked, we’re going to carry the new Coca Cola Plus Coffee on the site.

7. Public transportation that’s reliable and on time.

It is very convenient, especially coming from California as I do. It’s nice to play the Yamanote drinking game, riding the loop line around Tokyo, taking a drink at each train stop.

6. Extremely good service in restaurants, with servers who welcome you with a steaming hot towel, yet there’s no tipping.

Yes, I sometimes wish I could trip to show my thanks for excellent service. But trying to tip the server would actually be insulting to them.

5. Having proper seasons. And the enjoyment of sitting in a warm kotatsu when it’s cold out.

We have good news, too. We started 2017-2018 Kotatsu season early See them in stock on our Seasonal Items page.

4. The heated toilet seats with butt-washing features.

Maybe they’ll eventually catch on outside of Japan. I see that Toto does sell them in the U.S. and Canada, so we can hope.

3. The kindness of people.

One of my favorite aspects of the Japanese is their kindness. If you’re lost, someone will appear and help you.

2. My wet hands holding a transparent umbrella, with a zillion drops on it, walking in the rain.

As seen in Lost in Translation. Incidentally, we have these umbrellas in stock.

1. The vending machines.

Yes. They’re everywhere, selling everything from Melon Soda to steaming hot corn potage. They’ll accept the equivalent of a $100 bill then bow to you as they give change.

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