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Exploring Fetishes through Anime Art, and Do You Wish You Were Japanese?

Written by HotAnime

If you follow J-List on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know I post a lot of interesting fanart from Pixiv and other image boards. One thing I find myself doing is posting art related to various “fetishes,” whether it’s extremely well-drawn pictures of anime girls’ feet, or artwork of anime giantesses, or the uniquely Japanese fascination with school swimsuits, shimapan, and those charming crooked yaeba teeth. Because of these posts, I’ve gotten the reputation as a man with a million fetishes, but really, I have only one: really well-drawn art that’s fun to share with other fans. If you’re on social media, I hope you’ll follow us and enjoy our posts!

Being a Japan blogger, I often encounter comments from young people around the world about how they “wished they’d been born Japanese,” and this always makes me smile a little. While Japan is a wonderful country that’s managed to build a peaceful, happy society, there are some areas of life here that the average American or European would have some trouble dealing with. First, education is very important to the Japanese, which means students have to endure school on Saturdays and juku (cram school) in the evenings in order to keep up with studies. In order to get into a good high school or university, students must spend years in “entrance exam hell,” too, literally doing nothing but studying. When my son prepared for his test to get into a high school affiliated with Waseda University, the whole family gave up all leisure, including Harry Potter movies, for a year in order to shwo support for him. Then there’s the important aspect of getting a job, and students in their third year of university begin a very structured job search, interviewing with hundreds of companies in the hopes of being offered an employment contract with a good one, like in an amusing Cup Noodle commercial that shows how hard this process is. Finally, with its rock-bottom birthrate, famous longevity and lack of incoming immigration, no country has more worry about in the future than Japan.

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