FAKKU Manga Review: A Body for Play – Aroused Girls with Hot Bodies!

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Bosshi A Body For Play Fakku Hentai Manga Cover

A Body for Play is a hentai manga created by Bosshi, best known for his squishy anime girls and funny stories. The manga was published by our friends over at FAKKU, known for the very best hentai manga releases, it’s also fully uncensored, just like the artist wanted the book to be read. It includes 224 pages, with 32 colored pages, along with a total of 16 chapters. The stories in this manga first appeared in Comic Kairakuten, Comic X-Eros and Comic Megastore between 2008 to 2014.

Bosshi A Body For Play Fakku Hentai Manga 01

I’ll give you three solid reasons to buy this book:

  1. The cover is visually appealing.
  2. The inside is juicy!
  3. It’s a Bosshi book…

If you’re not convinced, let’s carry on with the review…

Bosshi A Body For Play Fakku Hentai Manga 02

Bosshi stories are always a fun read. Even in the darkest stories, the themes are never taken too seriously, and there is always space for a joke or a funny moment. As usual, at the start of the book, you can find four and a half (the other half is the common black and white) stories. Two of those stories are part of a small trilogy inside this book, the third part being black and white. It’s about two sisters that have to take care of their cousin, while his parents are on vacation. Both of them are hot, really hot, and it’s no wonder that he fantasizes about them all the time. Even if everything he does to them looks real, it’s all just a dream… or so he thinks. To conclude this story, the book features a special illustration that you can only find in this release, and not in any magazine. Love when artists do that.

Bosshi A Body For Play Fakku Hentai Manga 03

A Body for Play, the cover story, includes a special illustration just for this book as a prequel story. Yuri is a young girl that fell in love with Issei, that is a little bit older than her. Issei had to promise Yuri’s dad that he would not do anything pervert with her until she was of age. Yuri is always teasing Issei and finds his reactions funny to look at since she knows that he will not touch her. Yuri’s graduation day comes, and finally, Issei can have some fun time (although she’s a bit shy at first and hesitant). The story transitions to a couple years later, where they are at the beach and Issei was thinking back on the first time they had sex. What I found interesting was that you could follow their relationship from the early days, where they were young, until their adulthood. It’s a well-thought-out hentai story, and one of the best in this book since their first time is not so straightforward as it should have been.

Bosshi A Body For Play Fakku Hentai Manga 04

This book also features another trilogy, also more on the lighthearted and funny side. Ryouta moves into a shared house, but a very special one. In this house everyone also share their bodies with each other, meaning, they have sex. Here we have Vanessa an American girl, Mamei a Chinese girl, and Lea from the Philippines (I think, if not, then let’s just call her, the dark skin flat chest girl). There is also Bob, the other male in the shared house. There are some rules they need to follow, for example, don’t have sex in the living room in the afternoon… and that’s pretty much it. Vanessa seems to be always horny and in love with Ryouta kisses, and Mamei is a bit of a Tsundere. There is not much else here, just hot hentai scene after scene.

Bosshi A Body For Play Fakku Hentai Manga 05

There are some other short stories that caught my eye, like the “Mastur<3Mate”, where an office lady and her work colleague masturbate together while watching their favorite pornstar. “Mr. Revenge” is the darkest story in the book, it’s about a mobile phone app that summons a weird looking guy to take revenge on your enemies. Overall you get a bit of the common hentai manga genres: vanilla, group, dark skin, schoolgirl, flat chest, and a lot of horny anime girls.

Bosshi A Body For Play Fakku Hentai Manga 06

Bosshi books don’t have the most complex stories, but none of them are actually bad or uninteresting. The art is amazing as always, the girls look very squishy, their boobs never looked more round (or flat), and the guys usually have a funny or weird looking to them. I can easily recommend this book in your collection just because it has FAKKU and Bosshi on the cover.

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