FAKKU Manga Review: Honey Pot Style – Cute Perversion

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E Musu Aki Honey Pot Fakku Hentai Manga Cover

Honey Pot Style is a hentai manga created by E-Musu Aki, best known for his burning hot sexy anime girls. The manga was published by our friends over at FAKKU, known for the very best hentai manga releases, it’s also fully uncensored, just like the artist wanted the book to be read. It includes a total of 224 pages, with 32 colored pages, along 12 chapters. The stories in this manga appeared on Comic Kairakuten, Comic Kairakuten XTC and Comic X-Eros between 2013 to 2015.

E Musu Aki Honey Pot Fakku Hentai Manga 01

The book starts with an impressive 32 colored pages, divided between 4 short stories, with “Honey Pot” being the first. This is the weakest part of the book storywise. All of them look gorgeous in color but feel rushed. There is no character development, just straight up sex. The last story of this first batch is the most original and shows off really well how cute and perverted this book can be. It’s about “Madame Yoko’s Tea Saloon”, where the maids there, use their own milk and, dare I say it, love juices, to create the perfect blend of tea. It starts off elegant and ends in a perverted way. Just like every story in this book.

E Musu Aki Honey Pot Fakku Hentai Manga 02

After the colored stories, I thought this would be just another hentai book with nothing but mindless sex. I’m glad I was wrong. The first story is “Arousal”, where a group of male friends hides in the girls’ bathroom to see them peeing, while they are in the next toilet jacking off to the view. One of the girls that enter is Yui-chan, and it’s the love interest of the main character. Later they meet at the nurse’s office, and both of them feel aroused by each other presence. He jacks off in front of her. She gets so horny after he finishes on top of her. The next time they meet, they have sex for the first time. I like the way the book shows off her virginity, and how inexperienced both are in sex, it feels more real than your average hentai book. While having sex, they’re doing it at school in a dark corner. Unfortunately, his friends find them out, and, I don’t want to spoil the ending, let us just say it’s very twisted.

E Musu Aki Honey Pot Fakku Hentai Manga 03

The second story is my favorite one. Chie-chan, a very cute and pretty schoolgirl, gets money by letting guys jack off while watching her vagina. Meanwhile, her friend, Toroko, helps her by keeping watch. One day Chie convinces Toroko to also do the same, since she doesn’t need to have sex, and it’s basically free money just to let some guy watch her pussy. Chie keeps on a watch for her friend, but it’s Toroko first client, and she’s not very experienced in this, so, she gets very horny. While Toroko is with her client, Chie leaves and goes meet another of her clients, while Toroko, seeing that Chie is not there, and not knowing what to do, goes to a Love Hotel with her client. Again, I don’t want to spoil the end, just want to say that karma does exist, and is one of the best stories in the book, even if it looks rather simple in this review.

E Musu Aki Honey Pot Fakku Hentai Manga 04

The last story I want to talk about is a two-part episode. The owner of a manor has a very cute and beautiful maid. I get the feeling that he loves her, but money speaks louder. He dresses her up in a kinky costume for his business clients. That way she can use her body so that her master can strike good deals with a foreign businessman. It’s a very twisted story, but at the same time very hot. On the second part, a new young girl joins in, and even the young son of the owner wants to have some fun with the housemaid. It’s the most extreme story in the book and the one that has the darkest ending. Loved it.

E Musu Aki Honey Pot Fakku Hentai Manga 05

Honey Pot Style focus is not just hentai. I like how the artist tries to give a context for the hentai scenes to happen, and sometimes there is not much hentai to be seen, but the sense of arousal is on every page. For example, the second story, of Chie and Toroko, you never get to see the sex Toroko has inside the Love Hotel, because that’s not the point of the story, it’s not just sex, it’s about the context of sex and the small bits where it happens. Most hentai stories are 80% hentai and 20% context or reason. In Honey Pot, this is a bit more balanced, and I think it’s a good thing since all the stories (aside from the colored ones) are genuinely an interesting read for any hentai fan.

E Musu Aki Honey Pot Fakku Hentai Manga 06

Regarding the art, I think you can see for yourself that the girls are gorgeous to look at, and always pack nice squishy boobs and a perfectly round butt. Her faces also look adorable to look at, and great to do perverted stuff with. Honey Pot Style has a mix of vanilla, virgins, schoolgirls, milf, younger sister, maid and group sex. Always with a small bit of kinkiness.

Even if it doesn’t look like it, I recommend this book a read. The stories and hentai scenes are interesting until the very end, and it’s great for those people who want to have in their collection a book that is not only random sex, just because some characters are horny. One of FAKKU’s best releases and converted me into a fan of E-Musu Aki.

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