FAKKU Manga Review: Let Your Smile Bloom – for the NTR Haters

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Akinosora Let Your Smile Bloom Fakku Hentai Manga Cover

Let Your Smile Bloom is a hentai manga created by Akinosora, best known for his beautiful drawings of anime girls and serialized manga. This book was published by our friends at FAKKU, known for the very best hentai manga releases, it’s also fully uncensored, just like the artist wanted the book to be read. It includes 202 pages, with 4 colored pages (just artwork), along with a total of 6 chapters. The stories in this manga appeared on Comic X-Eros (no dates disclosed) but the book was first published in Japan on December 20, 2016.

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Many people hate NTR, and as soon as they read that a manga includes NTR, they instantly run away. If you are one of those people, you should stick around and read this manga, even if you don’t like hentai. Let Your Smile Bloom includes NTR, in fact, the entire story is based around it, however, it is done in such a mature way that it can, in fact, be, the NTR hentai manga for everyone. If you don’t know the meaning, NTR (in most cases) is when the female protagonist is having a love affair with a guy that is not the main male protagonist, and he knows that. This can be cheating or forced sex, for example, blackmailed.

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This review will not include major spoilers. Kanae discovered what real love means, when Takumi, after being rejected by her several times, continued trying to conquer Kanae’s heart. One day, when Kanae was feeling down, he was there to support her, and tell her – “I love when you smile”. This is the base for the entire story. Kanae loves when Takumi sees her smiling (I personally find this very romantic), and she can only smile when she’s with Takumi. Basically, they make a perfect couple, although, this is an NTR story after all.

Akinosora Let Your Smile Bloom Fakku Hentai Manga 03

Kujou is the antagonist. You’re going to hate him, deeply. He kind of starts as a 2D generic hentai villain, but evolves into an absolute monster, with actual feelings, filled with rage and anger. I think, if he wasn’t developed properly, the story wouldn’t have been this impactful. Kujou is Kanae’s fiancé. Since Kujou is a big friend of Kanae’s father, and Kujou invested in her father’s Company, Kanae is supposed to be his big reward.

Akinosora Let Your Smile Bloom Fakku Hentai Manga 04

It’s interesting to see that, Kujou loves Kanae in a very twisted way, he just hates that she doesn’t love him back. In some scenes, he really crosses the line, and it pains me to see Kanae getting treated like that, in order to force her to forget Takumi and start loving him. There is even one scene where she is forced to have sex with Kujou, in front of Takumi, so he leaves her alone, since she is in fact, Kujou’s fiancé. By now you understand that this is exactly what NTR haters run away from, and unfortunately, I’m not going to spoil the ending. I can only say that, if you hate NTR, maybe you will love this book, in its entirety.

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I fell in love with Kanae as a character, her looks and personality fit perfectly in this story. She has a personal journey to understand what true love is, and what is her purpose in life. A beautiful story with great characters and character development. Maybe it’s not going to win any awards, after all, I think Metamorphosis took all of them home, but, it’s one story that should be enjoyed by any hentai fan, especially if you don’t enjoy NTR. As an added bonus, there is an extra story at the end named: Bougainvillea. It has no connection with the main story in this book, it’s just an extra basic hentai short story about a sexy and perverted blonde schoolgirl, perfect to relax after the intense scenes presented on Let Your Smile Bloom.

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I want to write about the ending of the book, but that’s something you’ll have to find by yourself. Even if the blackmail part feels basic because let us face it, every other hentai has that, Kanae’s story is a true love story, one that you rarely find in any hentai, and a book that should be in the collection of every hentai lover, especially the ones the love serialized stories. Another great FAKKU release!

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