Final Two Sexy Roommates: Tsundere and Stepmom

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Our newest licensed eroge release is Sweet Home: My Sexy Roommates, a fun visual novel that’s loaded with sexual scenes created by Taichi Kiriyama, who also brought us Nympho Sensei Ryoko. In this post, we’ll look at the final two roommates, cute tsundere Risa and your hot stepmom Kyoko.

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Sweet Home Kyoko Risa 2g

First is the kawaii tsundere girl Risa, who is the sister of your stepmother Kyoko, making her your aunt by marriage, even though she’s younger than you. Risa is a classic tsundere, full of pride and always angry about something, yet that anger is hiding her feelings for you, and her intense jealousy about the immoral things you might be doing with the other girls.

Sweet Home Kyoko Risa H

In one pivotal scene, you try to enter Risa’s room while she was pleasuring herself, and muttering your name. Later she confronts you, asking if you saw. Your decision will determine what route your relationship with her takes, as you can imagine.

Risa Sweet Home Masturbation Scene

If you admit that you saw her masturbating, she demands that you masturbate in front of her, so the two of you will be even. You suggest that you both masturbate in front of each other to balance the scales.

Sweet Home Risa Kiss

As with all good tsundere characters, the joy of Risa’s story arc is the way she slowly opens up to you, show you her real feelings rather than hiding behind anger and pride. And because this is a high-quality visual novel with full voice, enjoying her dere (loving) scenes with headphones on is a joy.

Sweet Home Kyoko Risa 2a

Finally, there’s Kyoko, the stepmother of the main character, who is so sexy that he decided to move out of the house and live on his own before his apartment building burned down. Kyoko has a sleepwalking problem, and often ends up in Ryuichi’s bed, to his consternation.

Sweet Home Kyoko Risa O

One day, Ryuichi hears noises from Kyoko’s room and peeked in to see her masturbating, whispering his name. (Apparently, a lot of that goes on in this household.) With the knowledge that his stepmother holds impure feelings for him as well, Ryuichi must make a choice, which will unlock several game endings.

Sweet Home Kyoko Risa 1j

Stepmother lust has always been a big part of this genre, and we’ve published several games with similar stories, including Gibo: Stepmother’s Sin and Hitomi my Stepsister. Hell, this whole game is basically an improved remake of our classic Sagara Family, but with more content and better sex. It works really well in this game, and there’s a great story that emerges as these game routes progress.

ScParallels Picture 25

This concludes our four-part overview of Sweet Home: My Sexy Roommates. Hopefully, you have seen enough to decide whether you want to buy the game, which is really an outstanding experience. Not only can you have 20+ hours of fun exploring the story and the girls, but you can relive any scene you like via the game menus. Remember, the game is 100% uncensored and DRM free. Order now!

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