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Food Wars is a Dangerous Anime?!

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Food wars and idolmaster x

Anime like Food Wars Can Be Dangerous…To Your Diet?

Hello and Happy “Healthy Teeth Day” from Japan! We hope you have a great day.

Every fan knows there that some anime are “dangerous” for one reason or another. Like shows that give you a fear of walking down stairs while holding an umbrella. Or kawaii adventure stories that become incredibly dark and dramatic when you least expect it. Or harem anime that make you really respect electricians by the end. Then there’s Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, a magical girl show with remixed Fate characters, which is dangerous for…reasons. Heck, I’ve been deeply affected by the films of Shinkai Makoto so often, I approach his newer works with some caution.

Then there are the many dangerous “food shows” that present viewers with the most mouth-watering foods, an enjoyable way to pass an evening…and make yourself extremely hungry in the process. There’s a seemingly endless number of these shows, including Koufuku Graffiti, Ben-To, Yakitate Japan and Restaurant to Another World, but my favorite would be Shokugeki no Soma, aka Food Wars, currently in its third season. It’s the story of Kirito Soma, a genius chef who attends a legendary cooking high school, where he regularly engages in “food battles” with the other students. Food Wars is great for its writing and animation quality, but also as a way to tap into Japan’s formidable food culture and get a sense for why and how the Japanese love different kinds of foods from around the world. It’s also guaranteed to make you hungry at 2 am.

While I love watching new anime series, I’m an old school fan at heart and often find myself revisiting classic anime from the past. Like the time I geeked out over the 1982 Captain Harlock classic My Youth in Arcadia, or my recent re-watching of the classic Ai Yori Aoshi harem anime from the 2000s. Then there was the time I decided to watch Idolmaster Xenoglossia, a bizarre sci-fi idol anime from 2007 featuring the cast of the Idolmaster games and anime, but in “proto” form and not featuring their proper voice actors or character personalities. The story centers around Haruka Amami, who goes off to Tokyo thinking she’s becoming part of an idol group, but in reality she’s joining an organization that pilots mecha called iDOLs up into space to punch space rocks that are left over from the explosion of the moon a century ago. I watched it to complete my appreciation of the Idolmaster universe, even though I knew ahead of time that the show was far outside the traditional canon. I especially liked the pre-iPhone cell phones we’ll all supposedly be using in the future.

So, what’s the oldest show you like to watch?

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