Gintama to Receive an Action Video Game for PS4 and PS Vita

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Despite Hideaki Sorachi‘s long-running series Gintama being in existence for almost 15 years; with drama CD’s, movies, and recently a live-action film, the series itself hasn’t had a video game release until now.

A sneak-peek was shown in a Weekly Shounen Jump magazine, calling the new mystery project “Project Last Game” and described the game to be the first “serious” game in the franchise. The scans also boast about how “beautiful” the character models and actions will be implying that we’ll be experiencing some excellent quality for Gintama’s first game.

Gintama To Receive An Action Video Game For PS4 And PS Vita

In addition, Bandai Namco Entertainment opened a website on Saturday for its “Gintama Project Last Game” action video game, and began streaming a teaser promotional video. The final minute of the video features game footage, including Gintoki saying “We are Yorozuya.”

Unfortunately, Jump has yet to reveal much information beyond what’s above except for the consoles they’re releasing it on. Hopefully, a release date & character options, among other things, are revealed within the next few weeks!

Gintama Project Last Game Visual

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