Hardcore ‘Kantai Collection’ Fan Raids Game Shop to Get New Arcade Cards

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Kancolle Kashima

While a lot are now going crazy over Azur Lane, some are still very loyal to the Kantai Collection franchise—perhaps way too much.

According to a recent police report, a 29-year-old man was arrested for trespassing a game center located in distant Tokyo’s Chuo city. His identity was not revealed.

Area Of Game Center

The man, who works part-time in Kobe City’s Nada ward, admitted to the charges and his reason for raiding the establishment was so he can get hold of a new card in the Kantai Collection arcade game. He was found by authorities around 2:30am behind a game machine with a screwdriver and crowbar.

Kancolle Arcade

While the Kantai Collection browser game hasn’t recently been giving teitokus much updates to be excited about, fans have said that the updates of its arcade version have been constant giving players a different platform to play and to enjoy more of the shipgirls.

Kancolle Arcade 2

The suspect seems to have forgotten the fact that inside the game’s arcade machine, it is all blank cards. Which means the machine will print the ship girls when you get them in the game and they are not readily prepared inside it.

Source: Kobe-NP

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