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How Did You Become an Anime Fan?

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A Pleasant New Series about a Girl who Becomes an Anime Fan

One question that’s fun to ask is, how did you become an anime fan? What was the first show or character or unique plot device that really caught your attention, starting the cycle of reinforcement that eventually made you into a full-fledged anime fan, and bringing you to J-List? This is a question that’s often asked through the media of anime itself, and there’s an established genre of shows that explores otaku culture through the eyes of a character who “falls” into the world of otaku fandom. These series include Genshiken, the outstanding story of a university student who joins his school’s “visual arts research club,” where he’s initiated into the world of anime, visual novels, figures, cosplay and doujinshi subculture; Welcome to the NHK, the story of a university student who becomes a NEET and the girl who saves him; and the classic Otaku no Video by Gainax, which made the term otaku a household word.

The newest entry in this fun genre is the currently airing Anime-Gataris (translatable as “Talks about Anime”), about a high school student named Minoa who gets shanghai’ed by a classmate into helping her form a school anime club and slowly changed into an anime fan. Other students join, and everyone had adventures learning about anime, debating important issues like whether fans should sample the light novels/manga/games behind anime works, or just watch the anime series themselves. Although the show might seem a little generic, I found Anime-Gataris to be pleasant to watch perhaps for that reason. It’s not trying to explore the cutting edge of animation quality like Kyoani, or explode our heads an intense plot like Steins;Gate, or even deconstruct its own genre in any way. It’s also nice that it’s a full-length (not shortened episodes) show with a high budget and good voice acting staff.

One thing I like about the 2D world, including both anime and the visual novels and other games we publish, is the way anything that can be imagined can be portrayed, which has made the 2D world the most creative place I can think of. Want to create impossibly cute female characters with huge, expressive eyes, giant boobs, or maybe features like cat ears? No problem, since whatever can be imagined can be put on the screen. This creativity spills over into the ero world with interesting fetishes like monster musume, the attraction to girls who have inhuman or supernatural features, which is fresh and new in an ironic way. Today we’re shipping our great game Princess X: My Fiancee is a Monster Girl?! about a boy who finds himself engaged to several monster girls, forcing him to choose his future wife among them. Will he choose Naja, the serpent princess from the Gorgoneion Empire, or the cute centaur warrior princess named Proxie? How about the spider princess Lady Tegusu? There are tons of other amazing monster girls for you to interface with, incl. a giantess (!). The game is fully translated and 100% uncut and unchanged from the original. Order the new Princess X: My Fiancee is a Monster Girl?! game now!

Princess X My Fiancee is a Monster Girl? ships!

Although we just shipped Eiyu*Senki last week, we’re already pushing out another great title! Princess X: My Fiance is a Monster Girl?! isn’t just a monster musume harem game, it’s the game that started the genre, making all fans realize how fun and creative romance with non-human females could be. The game is shipping out starting today, so order it now!

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