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Japan’s Virgin-Killing Sweaters will Kill Your Virginity

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Japan's Virgin-Killing Sweaters will Kill Your Virginity

You never know what random thing Japan’s fan artists will throw at us next. One day a man will be walking in the snow with his girlfriend and suddenly the “Special Feeling” art meme is born, with every artist on Pixiv and Twitter drawing their favorite anime or game couple walking romantically in the snow. Other art-based meme explosions followed, like the Pregnancy Announcement meme, then the Open-Chested Turtleneck Sweater explosion followed by the Cat Keyhole Lingerie boom. The latest fashion-as-fanart-fad from Japan is the Virgin Killer Sweater (童貞を殺すセーター), an open backed baggy knit sweater that leaves so little to the imagination, any person who still possessed a pure body wouldn’t do so for long. We’ll be making fun posts about the new Virgin-Killing Sweater meme on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so follow us! (Image credit.)

I continue to work through the current anime season, which has an especially high number of quality shows. I consider it my job to scout out the best new series and introduce them here and on social media, so J-List fans can make judgements about which ones they’ll want to follow, though I know from experience that some shows will get dropped along the way. As a fan of the animation industry as well as an anime retailer, one of the saddest things to me is a 1-cour (single season) show that gets forgotten by fans immediately after the final episode airs, leaving no chance for the studio to recoup its investment by selling figures, artbooks, etc. One show I liked from the start is Masamune-kun’s Revenge, a rather complex story about a fat and spoiled rich kid who’s executing a plan to get revenge against the elegant rich girl who broke his heart when he was a child. While the story was dragging for a few episodes, it seems to have bounced back with many dramatic and unexpected turns. I hope you’ll watch it to the end with me!

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