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Kokkoku, The Most Dramatic Anime

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Kokkoku Anime

Kokkoku, The Most Dramatic Anime

One topic I write a lot about is how anime is great because it’s a “big tent” with lots of little tents inside, which means that under the master genre of anime there can exist many loosely connected sub-genres, like these:

It’s a given fans will gravitate to this or that genre, but not love all of them. Also, we might decide to move on from shows about young boys piloting giant robots and yearn for something closer to reality, or tire of saccharine taste of moe shows and seek to explore something much darker. If the latter applies to you, than keep reading.

One of the true standout series of the current season has been Kokkoku: Moment by Moment. When her nephew is suddenly kidnapped, 19 year old Juri Yukawa is surprised to learn that her family possesses the amazing power, facilitated by a stone her grandfather possesses, of stopping time. What follows is a rollercoaster of action and thrills as we learn about the nature of this frozen world and strange god-like creatures that inhabit it, as well as an opposing group trying to steal the stone for their own purposes. It’s action-packed and every episode has been entertaining so far. If you’ve found yourself tired of the same old anime genres — harems with dim-witted main characters, moe girls trying to find a fourth member so their high school club won’t be closed — be sure and give Kokkoku: Moment by Moment a chance!

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