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Let the ‘Moe’ of Hinako Note Softly Envelop You

Written by HotAnime

Hinako Note and tracer hitchhiking

Hello from California. We’re currently making our way up from San Diego, through Los Angeles and the Bay Area as we head towards Seattle. It’s a long road trip, but lots of fun after my months in Japan. We’ll be attending our very first Sakura Con, and hope to see you there!

I continue working through the current anime season, looking for shows to introduce here. One series I was immediately charmed by is Hinako Note, a moe-tastic show about a girl from rural Japan who has come to Tokyo to attend high school. She’s extremely shy, and hopes to overcome that shyness by joining the school’s drama club. Naturally there are other cute girls around her: Kuina, who has a penchant for eating pages of books she’s reading, Mayuki, who doesn’t think wearing a maid uniform all the time is odd, and Chiaki, the quirky landlady of Hitotose Manor. The quality of the series is very high, with great opening and ending songs and super cute seiyu for every character. If you like cute girls doing cute things, then give Hinako Note a try!

Fire is a constant problem in Japan, a country taken with building houses of wood and paper then heating them with kerosene space heaters rather than Western-style central heating, and whenever the “air raid siren” at the elementary school goes off at any time of day other than noon, we know that a fire has broken out somewhere. On no less than three separate occasions we’ve heard fire trucks and and opened our window to see homes near J-List being engulfed in fire, including one just a few houses over. Now fire has claimed another life: composer Yūshi Matsuyama, who created the opening theme songs for classics such as Mobile Suit Gundam and Heidi, Girl of the Alps died in a house fire. He was 79.

Prostate doctors hate her

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