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Magical Girl Site is the Dark Anime of the Season

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Magical Girl Site Review

Magical Girl Site, the Dark Magical Girl Anime of the Season

This is the anime season to end all anime seasons, with tons of new offerings for fans of every genre — we even have multiple magical girl shows to choose from. One is Mahou Shoujo Ore, about a girl who finds out her mother was a magical girl in her youth, and who becomes…a burly magical boy. The other is today’s topic, the deliciously dark Magical Girl Site, which continues the tradition of “postmodern” magical girl shows.

Magical Girl Site is the story of Aya Asagiri, a girl who’s being bullied by her classmates and her brother and ignored by her parents. One day a website pops up on her computer announcing that she’s been granted magical powers in the form of a heart-shaped gun, which enabled her to take revenge on her tormentors. We learn that there are other magical girls, including an evil one called Magical Hunter who is killing the others and taking their magical items for herself. The series is a cross between Hell Girl “revenge fetish” and Magical Girl Raising Project, an outstanding show about a mobile app that turned players into magical girls then required that they fight to the death in a battle royale, in order to create the strongest maho shoujo. It’s set in the same universe as the author’s other work, Magical Girl Apocolypse.

Being a big fan of these “grown-up” dark magical girl shows, I tend to think that the genre began with Madoka Magica, the traumatizing-yet-awesome show that magical girls are constantly fighting and dying in order to stave off the heat death of the universe, and that whenever a girl goes missing in our world, it usually meant that she was a magical girl who got defeated and died in another dimension. But really, the original sentai x magical girl hybrid show Sailor Moon introduced these dark and dramatic themes way back in 1992, which really blew us all away back in the day.

Another reason to watch Magical Girl Site: virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai will be appearing in future episodes. I’m totally on board!

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