Makoto Shinkai on ‘Your Name.’ Hollywood Live-Action Remake: “I’m Not Interested.”

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Makoto Shinkai

Even he has doubts on it.

During the early opening of “Exhibition of Shinkai Makoto” that happened on November 10 at the National Art Center in Tokyo, the director of the anime movie masterpiece Kimi no na wa. or Your name. released a comment regarding the upcoming Hollywood live-action remake of his well-acclaimed film.

Your Name

He honestly stated that, People often compare their creation to their child, but I’m not much interested in how my child would be treated. There was an announcement that a Hollywood version will be made. While I’m looking forward to how it will go, I also think how it will grow is up to himself (the Hollywood version itself) because it has already left my hand.”

The live-action remake project was announced last September with J.J. Abrams (director and co-writer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens) confirmed as the producer. His company Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures will be working together in the remake. Eric Heisserer (Arrival, Final Destination 5, and A Nightmare on Elm Street) is confirmed to be writing the screenplay.

JJ Abrams

Although there is no confirmed date for this movie’s release, online users have expressed mixed opinions regarding this remake fearing that it might suffer the same fate as the other anime to live-action movies like Netflix’s Death Note and the infamous Dragon Ball Evolution.

Your name. dominated box office charts around the world and is currently the highest-grossing Japanese anime film to date with a worldwide gross of $355,298,270 beating Studio Ghibli’s movie classics Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Ponyo.

The special exhibition dedicated for his works will be running at the National Art Center starting from November 11 to December 18, 2017.

Source: Oricon News

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