Manga of Keijo!!!!!!!! Ending Due to Poor Reception of the Anime

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It has been revealed in the latest issue of Shonen Sunday magazine that Daichi Sorayomi’s Keijo!!!!!!!! manga will have its final chapter in next week’s issue. The manga will end after a total of 18 volumes and 142 chapters.

Manga Of Keijo!!!!!!!! Ending Due To Poor Reception Of The Anime

Daichi Sorayomi also revealed that his editor came to him recently and was told to increase the popularity of Keijo!!!!!!!!, which isn’t something you can do overnight. He was later informed that his manga is being removed due to the poor reception of the anime (each Blu-ray and DVD volume selling around only 750 copies for a total of ~3,750 Blu-rays across its 5 volumes). He was shocked since he was informed that the series is greatly talked about in America and offers his sincerely apologies to Takahashi-san (the director of the anime) and XEBEC (studio behind Keijo!!!!!!!!).

Volume 15 of the manga was released in March and volume 16 is scheduled to release on May 18.

Keijo!!!!!!!! Volume 15 Manga Cover

Keijo!!!!!!!!, also known as Hip Whip Girl, is a Japanese sports manga series written and illustrated by Daichi Sorayomi. It has been serialized in Shogakukan’s shounen manga magazine Weekly Shounen Sunday since July 2013 and has been collected in fifteen tankobon volumes. An anime television series adaptation produced by Xebec ran from October 6 to December 22, 2016.

The series centers around the fictional women-only sport of keijo, where players stand on floating platforms and aim to incapacitate or push their opponent into the water, using only their breasts and buttocks. The story follows Nozomi Kaminashi, a gymnast who trains at a keijo school, hoping to become the richest keijo player in Japan.

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Keijo!!!!!!!! synopsis:

Kaminashi Nozomi (17) is an exceptional gymnast. So much so that colleges with some of the best gymnastic programs are trying to recruit her. Unfortunately for them, she has other plans. Due to her family being extremely poor, money is everything to her. That’s why she wants to step into the world of “Keijo.” “Keijo” is a type of gambling sport where girls stand on a small floating platform and compete against one another. The aim is to push the other contestant off of the platform into the water, but they are only allowed to use their butt or breasts to push the others off. Will Nozomi be able to compete in the intense world of “Keijo” and bring wealth and fortune for her family?

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