Nekopara OVA Reaches $1 Million USD in Crowdfunding

Written by HotAnime

Video game and manga publisher Sekai Project’s Kickstarter campaign for an OVA based on the Neko Works and Sayori’s PC visual novel Nekopara has reached over $1 Million USD in crowd sourced funding. The initial goal of $100,000 USD will go toward a 20 minute OVA, but Sekai Project revealed that for every $100,000 USD afterward will extend the OVA by 10 minutes up to a maximum of $500,000 USD and 60 minutes. The campaign has raised over 9 times its initial goal, with a total of $963,376 USD (beating previous anime Kickstarter record holder Under the Dog of $878,028).

The project is continuing its final backing process on Slacker where it has now earned over a total of $1,027,842 USD.

The OVA will be adapting Volume 1 of the adult visual novel Nekopara. The game is set in a world where Cat Girls live side by side with regular humans. The OVA is scheduled to be out this December.

Here is the promotional video for the OVA which previews the theme song “Baby→Lady LOVE” by Ray:

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