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New Black Friday Sale + Questions About Umaru’s Room

Written by HotAnime

Fistful Of Yen And Himouto Umaru

A New Black Friday Sale, and Questions about Housing in Japan

Black Friday is here, and J-List has…a new sale for you! Our awesome Black Friday and Cyber Instant Bulk Discount Sale gets you up to $40 off orders you make for the rest of November! Start shopping now!

Ever since the “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” video exploded our Hotmail accounts back in 2001, the Internet has been driven by memes. While memes are fun to share online, they often don’t translate well from country to country. You or I might be familiar with “Yo Dawg” or “I see you’re a man of culture as well” but Japanese would not, while most of us don’t know American comedian Atsugiri Jason and his famous line, “Why, Japanese people?!”, which every person f