New Neptunia Project In The Works Will Exceed Your Expectations By 1000%

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Recently, Compile Heart’s new President, Norihisa Kochiwa, revealed several news regarding the Neptunia series and the company’s plans for the future. He mentions that the new Neptunia project Compile Heart is currently in development and will go beyond fans expectations by 1000%. Here’s the details of what he said listed below:

  • Kochiwa says that 90% of the Compile Heart game logos are designed by him.
  • He plans for the company to focus more on PS4 titles and also expand into some mobile games.
  • New Neptunia project will not disappoint fans. It will exceed everyone’s expectations by 1000%!
  • LINE stamps are in the works.
  • There will be new original projects from the company that will be completely different than what fans are used to. They will feature more sorrowful music, contain visuals with a sense of legacy, and it will overall just be a different RPG.
  • Kochiwa is eager to show off a new app that makes Osamu Tezuka’s characters into heroines.
  • Compile Heart recruits year-round, looking for talent and knowledge even if those interested have no experience. There is a system in place that will allow those in training to immediately join the development line as a way to start their studies quickly.

It’s exciting to hear that Compile Heart is looking to expand in their endeavors and even offer jobs to those with no experience in the field. What do you think about the news of a new Neptunia project in the works? If you’re a fan, are you excited or are you skeptical if it will go beyond your expectations?

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