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New Uma Musume Anime Delivery Horse Girls, Cuteness

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Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Do You Like Horse? Then Watch the New Uma Musume Anime!

The new anime season has begun, and it’s a doozy: the most massive lineup of quality shows in recent memory. There are no less than 64 new series debuting this week, which combine with ongoing series, OVAs and feature movies for a total of 116 new anime for us to watch. There’s so much anime this season, I published my first-ever J-List Anime Guide on our blog, if you want to see the shows we’ll be following.

One show I had my eye on for a while is Uma Musume Pretty Derby, an anime that does for Japan’s highly developed world of horseracing what Kantai Collection did for WWII ships. Based on a popular mobile game, Uma Musume features “horse girls” who run in races just like real horses, trying to become the fastest uma-musume in all Japan. I was surprised by the reaction of Mrs. J-List (who sleeps on the sofa and often wakes up to watch what I’m watching) to the series. She immediately knew all the characters, because they’re all based on famous horses, like Vodka, Haru Urara and Deep Impact. In the same way that Strike Witches, KanColle, Girls und Panzer, and Upotte! try to work in characteristics of the real-world historical objects or people in with the 2D characters in interesting ways, the features of each horse girl are taken from the actual horses. Proper tribute is also paid to Eclipse (1764-1789), the legendary British horse said to be an ancestor to 95% of current thoroughbreds today.

Should you watch Uma Musume? I can say that it’s a fun show with a very high budget, great voice acting and lots to teach us about the world of horseracing. Give it a try!

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