Scum’s Wish Anime Receives Complaints About “Extreme Kissing”

Written by HotAnime

You read that correctly, folks.

According to a complaint made to the Japanese media watchdog, Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) (who has also received complaints about the long-running parody anime, Gintama, for being too “inappropriate for young children”), Kuzu no Honkai, or Scum’s Wish, has now gotten a complaint of their own.

The complaint stated that there was “an extreme kissing scene between two high school students” during a late night time slot that began airing in January.

Even though the anime wasn’t mentioned directly by name, many came to the conclusion that Scum’s Wish was the subject of the complaint because of just how many kissing scenes have been featured.

While I’m in no position to comment about the complaint, I do agree that there are many, many kissing scenes…and they’re all beautifully animated.

Source: SGCafe

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