Sweet Home Roommate Number 2: Chinatsu

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The Second Roommate in the Sweet Home Nukige Wants To Take Your Virginity

JAST USA just launched their newest English hentai game and it is Sweet Home: My Sexy Roommates, a wonderful sex-centric ecchi game by artist Taichi Kiriyama that’s filled with cute older girls who want to play hide-the-sausage with you. The second girl you encounter in the game is Furuhashi Chinatsu, a senpai from your university who happens to live in the room next door to you, who rushes to steal your virginity before any of the other girls can get to it first.

You can buy the game via instant download from J-List or JAST USA. You could be playing it right now, instead of reading these words! The package edition will ship in another week or so.

We have the first game patch out for Sweet Home, which fixes some crashing bugs that were reported, and some minor text issues. To download the patch, just visit the JAST USA product page and scroll down.

Sweet Home Chinatsu Introduction

The Second Roommate: Chinatsu

When Ryuichi’s apartment building burns down, he moves back into his family home and is surprised to learn that his stepmother rented out three rooms to hot girls. One of them is Chinatsu, a tomboyish girl with deliciously flexible morals who takes an interest in our hero right away.

Sweet Home Ryuichi

Realizing Ryuichi is still a virgin, she wastes no time in getting close to him, offering to let him use her body for any sexual need that might come up. She calls him shonen (kid) and loves lording her sexual experience over him to tease him, though she’s only a few years older than him.

Sweet Home Chinatsu 8

She offers to give him a helping hand and asks him to tell her how he’d like her to do it, or optionally, just let her do it her own way. The perfect oneesan, in other words.

Sweet Home Chinatsu 9

Next Chinatsu climbs on top and steals your virginity for herself. One of the best things about ecchi visual novels like this is the intensely high quality of the voice actresses. As they whisper in “your” ear, it’s impossible not to put yourself in the role of the main character, completely and totally. Of course, you can go back and re-play any sex scene with full audio any time you like, experiencing your favorite moments from the POV of the main character.

Aa Parallels Picture 134

Like the other two main roommates, Chinatsu has a lot of sexual experience and is all too willing to share it with you, in dozens of different ways. Although this is a game primarily about sex, Sweet Home has 14 normal endings, one “bonus” ending plus a secret route, so you get to enjoy a lot of excellent interaction with the girls outside of sex, too, with a really memorable story.

Sweet Home is 100% uncensored with nothing removed or changed from the original. Just think of all the fun times you can have together with your sexy roommates. Buy now from the J-List or JAST USA!

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