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The 8 Types of Valentine’s Day Chocolate in Japan

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Anime Valentine's Day 2018

The 8 Types of Valentine’s Day Chocolate in Japan

Happy Valentine’s Day from J-List! Today is the day when males in Japan look forward to receiving gifts of chocolate from wives, girlfriends, daughters or female co-workers to express their feelings of gratitude. Japan’s unique Valentine’s Day tradition began in the 1970s, when chocolate maker Morinaga made a big marketing push to begin the practice. Now the Valentine industry is huge, with companies competing to make the most interesting new chocolates every year.

Here are some kinds of chocolate in Japan you can receive:

  • Chocolate given between friends is tomo-choco.
  • There’s giri-choco or chocolate given out of obligation, for example when males at companies hope to receive chocolate from female co-workers. Some companies ban giving chocolate at work to remove the distraction from work. A more general term is sewa-choco meaning “chocolate given to say thanks to anyone who helps you out every day.”
  • The one men really want to receive is honmei-choco or “true heart chocolate,” given by the person we love.
  • Chocolate given between girls is yuri-choco because of course it is.
  • You can give “virtual” chocolate to friends in online games, which is called netto choco.
  • If you buy chocolate for yourself, it’s called mai-choco (my choco).
  • When you prepare anime-themed chocolate and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your favorite 2D characters, it’s called ita-choco.

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