The First Sweet Home Roommate: Manami

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Sweet Home Eroge Ships! Let’s Meet the First Roommate…

Our big news today is that we’ve finally shipped our hot new English-translated nukige (a visual novel that’s primarily based on ecchi stuff) called Sweet Home: My Sexy Roommates. Like our previous title Nympho Sensei Ryoko, this game is created by master hentai artist Taichi Kiriyama, and is filled with sexy girls you can interact with in any way you like. Each girl has a proper well-developed route that you can explore in detail, or enjoy the alternate game endings.

Sweet Home Title Screen

BUT FIRST! We have the first game patch for Sweet Home, which fixes some crashing bugs that were reported, plus text issues. To download the patch, visit the JAST USA product page and scroll down to see the patch.

The First Roommate: Manami

Poor Ryuuichi. He moved out of his stepmother’s house after his father died because, well, his stepmom was a little too sexy for a young man to be around all the time, and she tended to sleepwalk and end up in his bed. Then this happened…

Sweet Home Fire Scene

So he returns to his family home, only to find that there are three hot girls living there with his stepmom now. Three hot, nubile older girls who are all interested in claiming his virginity for themselves…

Sweet Home Manami 9

The first girl to make a move is Manami Amagi, the ditzy and airheaded girl who lives in the room next to Ryuichi’s. She’s an adorable girl who works as a waitress nearby and is always rushing off to work at odd times.

Sweet Home Bath

While Ryuichi is still trying to get used to the idea of living in close proximity to three sexually active hot women, he heads for the bath. Hearing a voice, he’s surprised to see Manami, entering the bath with him.

Sweet Home Manami 7

She’s here to put the first sexual move on him in the game, getting his body nice and clean and giving him a nice titty fuck experience. Isn’t that nice of her?

Sweet Home Game Manami 4

Later, she walks in on him when he was about to take care of a certain male problem with his right hand.

Sweet Home Manami Handjob

However Manami is super nice, and helpfully offers herself instead, any time Ryuichi feels the need.

Sweet Home Manami


Sweet Home Manami 10

Clearly we have a serious candidate for Best Girl of Sweet Home. Get the game right now via instant Internet download right now. Package edition ships soon! [And make sure to get the patch, linked above.]

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Amagi Manami Sweet Home Glasses

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