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The Harry Potter Anime we Didn’t Know we Needed

Written by HotAnime

Little Witch Academia is the Harry Potter Anime we needed

One anime I’ve been enjoying a lot is Little Witch Academia (not to be confused with our own Littlewitch Romanesque witch raising eroge), a full-length series based on two previously released episodes made by Trigger, creators of such classics as Kill la Kill and (back when the staff was still part of Gainax), Gurren Lagann. It tells the story of Atsuko, a young girl who enrolls in the famous Luna Nova Magical Academy where she’ll be trained as a witch so she can be like her idol, the famous-but-eccentric Shiny Chariot. I like the show because of the rich and full world it paints, with spells, rare magical creatures, and many charming characters. What I’m most interested in is seeing is whether the second half of the series (refreshingly, it’s getting a full 25-episode run) will take on the kind of dark and awesome story tones we saw in Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann. If so, we’re in for a treat. Basically, everyone who ever wished for a quality Harry Potter anime should tune in to Little Witch Academia!

J-List has been involved with “ecchi” visual novels and RPGs from Japan from the beginning, releasing our first games more than 20 years ago. Back in those days, no one knew words like eroge or dating-sim, and I spent many hours at anime conventions explaining that, no, these weren’t anime DVDs, they were interactive love-simulation games in which you controlled the story to romance different characters, depending on the game. One of the more welcome new developments in recent years is the arrival of Steam, which allows us to sell titles like Sonicomi: Communication with Sonico and Littlewitch Romanesque to fans on that popular platform, but the downside is that adult content is not allowed, so “H” scenes (when they are present) have to removed, though often put back via unofficial patches. Our newest game Seinarukana, a gorgeous full-length JRPG with lots of great dungeon crawling and battles and characters, handles these changes in a better way, by replacing the naughty parts with 22 new scenes (all fully translated and voiced) that flesh out the characters and story, with new game missions, too. You can get the our Aselia + Seinarukana bundle on Steam now, but the “best” option is to buy the 100% uncensored limited package version from us and get the Steam code for free in the box. J-List and JAST promise to make many great games in the future — thanks for supporting us today!

J-List Box for March 2017
We have some great news: the new J-List Box snack, seasonal and “ecchi” boxes for March have been posted, and they’re the best ever. Starting from just $19, we have four boxes to tempt you with, with awesome Japanese snacks and drinks, fun sakura themed treats to celebrate the coming of Spring, plus limited ecchi items you can only get in this month’s box. Order your box before they sell out!

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