The Humblest Japanese Sex Toy: Tenga Egg

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A Great Starter Onahole: the Tenga Egg

If you follow J-List, you’ll know that we sell a lot of adult toys for guys, which are playfully referred to as “dolphin polishers” though terms like onaholes, masturbators or Fleshlights also serve. And if you’ve browsed our lineup of onaholes, you might have been overwhelmed by the selection and not sure where to begin.

Personally, I think one of the best places to start on your new journey of prostate health is the lowly Tenga Egg, a line of inexpensive masturbators that are great for anytime you need a quick pick-me-up.

What is a Tenga Egg??

When people first see these toys, they’re naturally confused. How can I fap with an egg? Basically, inside the egg shell is a soft latex inner egg that is stretchy, which you pull down over your penis.

The first thing you notice about these toys is the colorful lines and bumps printed on the outer wrapper, which represent what the inside of the egg will be like. Are you feeling like crisscrossing lines and swirls today? How about lightning-like vertical lines, or little star shapes? Some Tenga eggs are quite thin-skinned, like the Silky, while others are thicker, such as the Clicker, which recreates little octopus suckers. Since each Tenga Egg is cheap, you can buy a bunch and see which one(s) you like.

How to use a Tenga Egg?

To use a Tenge Egg, you squirt the (included) lotion inside then pull it taut over your penis and proceed to have a good time in the usual way. It’s much better than masturbating without any aid because of the way the latex pulls down on your member, just like a real girl’s inner membranes would, which activates the blood vessels and makes everything much more realistic. (The included lotion is single-use, but J-List sells other lotion for you.)

Here, let’s look at some gifs… First, apply the included lotion…

Tenga Egg applying lotion

Then you’re ready for a party…

Tenga Egg how to use

We All Need a Little Assistance Sometimes

Another benefit of the Tenga Egg over some of the more realistically shaped onahole toys is that it’s known in Japan as a great aid for ED, if you should ever find you need an assist either in the bedroom or during solo time. Basically, Tenga Eggs are recommended by Japanese doctors to men with erectile problems since they can be quite helpful. Keep one handy in the bedroom in case you need an assist with your significant other before getting back into the action.

Big Enough?

Since I’ve been running J-List since the era of dial-up modems (really), I’ve seen some history. The first interesting onaholes from Japan started appearing around 2000, and in it was all too common for them to be painfully small for even the average gaijin to use. Happily, nearly all toys sold today are much more larger and more foreigner-friendly, with Tenga Eggs being especially good because they are so stretchy. I’ve heard some people tell me they do break, so if you’re extremely large or use them roughly, this might happen.

Not Just for Guys

We know that J-List has hundreds of adult toys for guys for every one we have for the ladies, and we’re sorry. The problem is that there are almost no interesting vibrators or other toys made for girls here, and what are usually available are imported vibrators from the U.S. or China, which aren’t very interesting. However, the Tenga Egg is a great item because it can be used by girls, too. Just turn it inside out and put it over your vibrator of choice, and you’ve got something totally new to play with.

How To Clean?

Nothing could be easier. Just turn the Tenga egg inside out and wipe with tissues, or if you’re more dedicated, rinse with warm water then dry.

Unapproved Uses

As always, use common sense when using any Japanese sex toy. This is not an approved use.

Tenga Egg inflatable head

Tenga Egg Magical Girl

  • TENGA EGG   Silky II

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