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The Joy of Sailor Moon and Curry Rice

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The Joy of Sailor Moon and Curry Rice

The Joy of Sailor Moon, and Japanese Foods Like Curry Rice

One thing I love about animation is its timelessness. You generally won’t find me watching old episodes of Diff’rent Strokes or Magnum P.I. or The Love Boat (these are all old TV shows from the 80s, if you’re too young to have heard of them), but I’d always be down with watching some classic anime episodes so I can appreciate how things in the industry have changed from the 80s and 90s through today. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with thousands of fans at anime conventions, including some who were decades younger than I am, yet something about the nature of animation allowed us to exchange ideas without any awareness of a difference in our ages. Another aspect of anime I love is the way it can bring parents and children together, as I discovered when my son was born, and we spent many hours watching all the classic U.C. Gundam series and building model kits together. One of the things that keeps me warm at night is the thought of original Sailor Moon fans having grown up and maybe having daughters of their own now, with whom they can share the show again. If you love Sailor Moon, you should browse the J-List site today, because we got in some rare Sailor Moon items that will surely not stick around for long!

While Japanese cuisine is famous all over the world, people living inside Japan actually enjoy quite a varied diet, eating sushi and udon noodles one day, then Indian Thai or Italian the next. Many Chinese dishes have been eaten in Japan for so long that they’re hard to differentiate from Japanese cooking, kind of like how pasta is such a part of the American eating experience we rarely think of it as “ethnic.” There are certain Western foods the Japanese have really embraced and made their own, such as curry rice, the Japanese version of a British version of Indian curry that’s eaten over steamed rice, or baumkuchen, the German “tree cakes” which are sold everywhere from supermarkets to high-end pastry shops in Kyoto. Another amazing European food the Japanese have adopted are コロッケ korokke, Japan’s version of French croquettes, which are eaten with that heavenly Bull-Dog sauce on top. If you want to experience authentic Japanese croquettes, the current J-List Box snack boxes have amazing croquette potato snacks inside, which taste just like the real thing. Order your box now!

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Today is a great day for more than the fun Sailor Moon items we posted. We’ve got lots of snack-related news too, including the return of chocolate to the site after a very hot summer. Also, we’ve announced the new J-List Box snack boxes, which are definitely the best we’ve made so far, loaded with handpicked items chosen by our staff which will delight you. (Of course you also get a card explaining what all the snacks are.) Browse and buy the next J-List Box snack boxes now!

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