The Main Heroine of Darling in the Franxx Receives a Figure!

Written by HotAnime

Figure company Bandai has recently revealed details about the upcoming figure of Zero Two, the main heroine of Darling in the FranXX. She is expected to debut in October 2018.

The armor around the hip is articulated and by exchanging the hood part, she can be posed into riding pose in the cockpit. Set includes a base and she can be displayed next to “Robot Spirits – Strelizia” which is sold separately.

Preorders are now closed.

FIGURE 038983 01 FIGURE 038983 02 FIGURE 038983 03 FIGURE 038983 04 FIGURE 038983 05 FIGURE 038983 06 FIGURE 038983 07 FIGURE 038983 08

This figure of Zero Two is available for pre-order at our shop with a 10% discount!

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