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The Price of Being Senpai, and J-List’s Effect on Japan

Written by HotAnime

The Holidays are nearly on us, but there’s still time for a new sale! From now through December 13th, we’re having an EMS Shipping Sale, with 50% off shipping for orders from Japan when you choose EMS! There’s plenty of time to get your order by Christmas, so order figures, plush toys, snacks and “H” products now!

One series I’ve been enjoying quite a lot this season has been Tawawa on Monday, a fun short-format show about two stressed-out salarymen who have trouble facing work on Mondays, but each receives special healing from beautiful females who provides some “plot” for their lives. In a recent episode, Senpai attends a company drink party with his coworkers, including his cute junior Kohai-chan. (We never learn their names.) The girl has a tendency to drink too much at company events, so Senpai takes it on himself to ask her out for drinks privately so she can learn to hold her liquor better. Of course, being Senpai doesn’t mean you get the respect of others for free: because of his higher rank in the company, he’s expected to not only provide guidance for her career, but pick up the drink tab too, which makes Kohai-chan more than happy to go with him.

J-List has been around for a staggering 20 years, as of this past October, thanks to hundreds of thousands of awesome customers like you over the years. (We ship so many packages that the Japanese post office gave us an award.) Because J-List is so popular we sometimes affect the local Japanese market in interesting ways, like during the Great Hello Kitty Vibrator Shoulder Massager boom, when we had two or three post office trucks picking up outgoing packages each day, or the similar explosion of those Horse Head Masks. When FritoLay Japan made their boldest experiment yet — Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos — everyone in the world had to try them, and J-List ended up buying 75% of the stock intended for the entire Kanto (Tokyo) area. During the Christmas season, J-List’s adult toys are big sellers, including toys for our female customers. We got word that we’ve been ordering so many of the classic “Pink Rotar” [sic] egg toys that the manufacturer has completely run out, with no stock anywhere in the country. I’m sure they’ll make more soon.

J-List’s EMS Half Price Shipping Sale is on, and through Dec. 13, you can get half off your shipping total by ordering $50 or more and choosing EMS shipping. There’s still plenty of time to get your order of in-stock items by Christmas! And all packages will be hand-delivered by Kiki the Witch!

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