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The Return of Steins;Gate

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J-List Steins;gate 0 Review

The Dark Story of Steins;Gate Continues

The current anime season continues to impress, offering more quality shows from more unique genres than any single season I can remember. Whether you want to watch love comedies about otakus finding each other, relive the glorious anime classics of your childhood, thrill to epic space battles or travel to other worlds, there are multiple shows for you to choose from. And also…the return of Steins;Gate!

Steins;Gate is the legendary anime and game about two young scientists and a super hacka hacker who invent a time machine of sorts and inadvertently destroy the future, forcing them to struggle to find a way to repair the damage. Steins;Gate is especially close to our hearts because our sister company JAST USA licensed and translated the original PC version of the game, and we all spent two years working on the game to make sure it was perfect before release. I remember having meetings with the staff during editing of the game, making sure a certain game ending (if you’ve played the game you’ll know which one) was done so well that players couldn’t help but break down crying. We put a ton of work into it.

One of the great things about the Steins;Gate universe is its “worldlines” setting, so that any story the creators care to tell can be considered “canon” because it can be a story from another worldline. The new series follows Rintarou Okabe, no longer using his mad scientist name of Hououin Kyouma, in one of the worldlines where Makise Kurisu died, an event which sapped Okarin of his old passion for science. Although “Christina!” is dead in this reality, she lives on after a fashion, and we’re all enthralled when we encounter her again. Where will the story lead this time? No matter how dark and awesome the original game was, we’re likely headed for an even darker and more depressing story with Steins;Gate 0. Better buckle up!

If you haven’t played the original game, it is outstanding, with well-developed side stories for each character that aren’t part of the anime series and a lot more science in the story. Buy it here in physical form or download.

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