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The Scourge of Anime Waifu Wars

Written by HotAnime

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Anime Fandom And Anime Waifu Wars

The Scourge of Anime Waifu Wars

Whenever a new anime season starts, there are certain things I know I’ll see online:

  • Posts about how moe and fan service have killed anime despite these genres representing only a tiny percent of all anime produced
  • Demanding a second season of shows that had proper endings, or shows that failed financially because no one bought the Blu-rays (including the person doing the complaining)
  • Stating that an anime that was well received by casual fans is “shit tier” because it was well received by casual fans
  • Turning on whatever female character they loved just two weeks ago
  • Insisting everyone has terrible taste, except them

The other thing I know I’ll see a lot of is Anime Waifu Wars (or Husbando Wars) which is when fans duke it out online over which female (or male) anime character is the best of the season, which is always an interesting process to watch unfold. While we often have only two or three choices in our lives — Mac/PC/Linux, iPhone/Android, etc. — there are dozens of potential anime characters to fawn over. Which girl will be the queen of the Waifu Wars this season? Will it be the pure and dedicated Violet Evergreen? The enigmatic Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx? Or maybe the ridiculously romantic lizard girl from Overlord II? Watch and find out!

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