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The Season of Graduation, and Japan Kit Kat

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Anime Graduation

The Season of Graduation…and Japan Kit Kat?

Hello from J-List. The office is practically empty today because two of our employees’ children are graduating from junior high school today. I’m off to Tokyo for the same reason…my son is graduating from university. Everyone have a great Easter weekend, and enjoy the $20 coupon below! 

Being in business, I like to observe the companies in Japan that I respect. Like Aflac, the American company that’s been so successful here, they insure one in four Japanese. Or Toyota, whose dedication to engineering and manufacturing innovations have been imitated by virtually every other company in their industry. Or Seven&I Holdings, the supermarket chain that decided to try out the Seven Eleven convenience store model in 1973 and ended up buying out their parent company and operating 60,000 stores around the world. Seven Eleven executes so well in Japan, they managed to kill their grocery store business, and are closing all their large stores. To keep their edge, they require that all Seven Eleven stores be torn down and rebuilt every 10 years, so everything is new and fresh for the customer, and also as a way to weed out bad franchisees.

Then there’s Nestlé, a company that’s been doing business in Japan so long they’re practically Japanese. Nestlé started operations in Japan back in 1913 in Yokohama and Kobe, manufacturing condesed milk before adding other products like chocolate to their lineup. They introduced their iconic Kit Kat chocolate wafers in 1989, which became popular in part because Kit Kat sounds like kitto katsu or “you will surely win,” making it a favorite treat for parents to give their children during test season. Today, the unique Japan Kit Kat flavors have come to define Japan, and they have awesome limited Kit Kat sets with flavors from all around Japan, like the new East and West Japan Kit Kat Collections we got in stock, which are only available for a short time. We published a detailed review on our blog, if you want to read before buying!

Easter $20 Coupon On Anime

This Sunday is Easter, a great time for us to enjoy some fun products from Japan and save some money. For this weekend, we’re giving everyone $20 off $100 or more, using code BUNNY100! The code is good through Monday, U.S. time, and can be used for anything except J-List Boxes.  Go make a big order now!

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