The Third Sweet Home Roommate Is a Cute Science Girl

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JAST USA just launched their newest English hentai game and it is Sweet Home: My Sexy Roommates, an amazing sex-centric nukige game by artist Taichi Kiriyama, who also brought us Nympho Sensei Ryoko, about a perverted teacher who wants to teach her students how to feel positively about sex. The third roommate is a perverted science girl who loves to analyze things, including your penis if you get our drift, and we’ll talk about her in this post. Buy the 100% uncensored game from  J-List or JAST USA right now!

REMEMBER: We have the first game patch out for Sweet Home, which fixes some crashing bugs that were reported, and some minor text issues. To download the patch, just visit the JAST USA product page and scroll down.

Sweet Home Chinatsu 1

Let’s look at the gameplay and movement system of Sweet Home, since (like Nympho Sensei Ryoko) it has some fun and unique elements. Basically, there’s a map-based movement system that asks you where in the house you want to go. Want to visit the room of the airheaded Manami, to see if she’s free to fool around? Maybe to hang out in Chinatsu’s room and see if she’s in the mood to give you a handjob? There are two floors and several destinations you can go to for each game “turn.” Going to a place unlocks some event and, inside the game itself, gives you “love points” for a certain girl, possibly putting you on that girl’s story route. There are 15 game endings (plus one “secret” route) so the game, while being all about sex, also has plenty of deep story elements to get into with each character.

Sweet Home Chinatsu 4

You start the game hanging upside down, having been captured by the three roommates, who think you are a pervert who has snuck into the house to steal their underwear. In reality, it’s your house, and you’re just coming home after your apartment building burned down. Happily, your stepmother returns at the right moment and clears up the confusion. And so you start your new life, surrounded by three (plus two more), sexy roommates.

Sweet Home Kaede is a perverted science girl

This is Kaede Soga, the third roommate you meet in the game, who is a perverted science girl, working as an instructor at Ryuichi’s University who also does research. A good and reliable person, she is clumsy, and can also be overly serious. She appreciates doing “research” on Ryuichi, including his penis, to satisfy her curiosity about men and sex.

Sweet home perverted science girl Kaede 6

On Ryuichi’s first night, our perverted science girl welcomes him with great energy, asking him to assist her in learning about how men work. Ryuichi is surprised but happy to go along with her wishes.

Sweet Kaede 3a

And so, for the rest of Kaede’s game routes, Ryuichi is always subject to being Kaede’s research subject. Of course he’s okay with this, deep down…

Sweet Kaede 3

Kaede has many charming points. She’s serious and methodical, but clumsy, and loves playing the role of perverted science girl. She’s a huge fan of carnivorous plants, yet hates the strong typhoons that lash Japan from time to time.

Do you want to be her roommate? Order the game from  J-List or JAST USA right now!


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