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The Ultimate Anime About Ramen

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an anime about ramen: Ramen Daisuke No Koizumi San

The Ultimate Anime About Ramen

Recently I’ve been feeling the need to re-dedicate myself to my health goals, hitting the gym and knocking a few kilograms off my waist size. Although I managed to keep my weight gain from the New Year’s holidays and my visit to Guam to just 1 kg (2.2 lbs), my trip to the Kansai region — famous for fattening foods high in carbs — coupled with an infusion of Valentine’s Day chocolate has made me backslide a little. In short, I lost my Whey.

Another part of the problem is the new Ramen Daisuki no Koizumi-san (Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles), an anime about ramen noodles, which I’ve been watching late at night with Mrs. J-List. It’s the story of a high school girl named Koizumi-san who loves to travel around Japan eating the most famous and exotic ramen she can find, making it something like Dagashi Kashi but for noodles instead of old-timey Japanese snacks. Koizumi-san is a tsuu (an aficionado) when it comes to ramen, and every episode features incredibly delicious-looking ramen with lots of explanation about why it’s unique. Being a businessperson, I sometimes have to take my hat off when I see an outstanding business plan. Every bowl of ramen shown in the series is something you can actually buy, either by traveling to the region in Japan discussed in the episode, or visiting chains that sell the items Koizumi-san is eating. The advertising revenue must have paid for the anime three times over. If you’ve been looking for an anime about ramen, I hope you’ll watch!

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